Members may take lessons at the Oak Park Virtual Golf Club, but golf instructors must be pre-approved by the Club.  The Club does not endorse, recommend or favor any instructor and is not liable for any damages caused by the instructors.  Below is a list of pre-approved golf instructors:

Clark Fideler

Clark has been teaching golf in the midwest for more than 20 years.  Among the local places he has taught are the Golf Center of Des Plaines, Fresh Meadows Golf and Practice Range, and the Glencoe Golf Club to name a few.  He believes that each golfer's swing is unique and each golfer's goal is different.  Whether you are a beginner looking to get out on a course or you have experience and are are trying to break 80, Clark has a lesson plan for you.  He offers individual lesson rates at $100/hour as well as discounts for packages (5 Lesson Plan for $425 and 10 Lesson Plan for $800).

Call the Club with any questions at 773-612-9960 or reach out directly to Clark at clarkbar2919@gmail.com or 847-858-5635



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10 Lesson Plan
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